Oppose Blog Worship

Undead Mao rises!

We start not with a bang, but with a welcome.

This is May 19th, a hallowed and historic date in revolutionary history. We chose this date purposely to launch our online editorial effort. On this day, Ho Chi Minh was born. So was Malcolm X. And Yuri Kochiyama.

None of them Maoists, all of them revolutionaries, all of them from groups that are oppressed nationalities in the USA, and each of them from different struggles have become icons in their own ways.

In our first real post, which will be a re-post of sorts, we will put up a perspective from Maoists in the USA as to the importance of these figures.

We invite you to read our existing pages, and to visit our other social media sites – plenty of them to choose from. Keep tuned, as we promise even more engagement and a rich media experience. We are more than just a blog, but we are also a blog.

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