Reddit Q&A, Self-reliance and Arduous Struggle

Question on Security Culture

We will be attempting to address questions posed in the Reddit sub-reddit /r/communism, our favorite sub-reddit for obvious reasons. This is the first of such posts.

The redditor abner94 had the following question:

I was wondering if you all had any advice regarding how maintain good security culture, especially online,

I see that we (on this subreddit) refrain from using our real identities or mentioning our specific organizations, which is good, but is there anything else I could or should be doing?

Our answer:

1) Assume everything you do or say on the internet can and will be used against you in a court of law.

2) Assume everything you do or say on the internet you are saying in a public square.

3) You own what you keep to yourself, but are a slave to what you say.

We believe these are the three basic principles when it comes to “internet security culture”.

As one can tell, we make no distinction between the internet and the “real world”, because there isn’t one. Often this difference is a subjective error due to one’s isolation from the active presence of other people when one uses internet services, but the reality is that the internet is a public square, even in “private” conversation. And it is such by design – the very technology that underpins it is designed to be open to scrutiny.

As abner94 correctly states, there are ways to obscure this presence from all but the most dedicated – pseudonyms, encryption, etc. Yet these are no different that what one would do in “real life” – encryption is but a balaclava, it serves to obscure, not protect.


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