Left Forum Panel: Contemporary Maoism and Radical Politics

Yes, you get a chance to meet Undead Mao in person and learn about Contemporary Maoism!

Saturday, June 8, 2013, 10:00am until 11:50am
Pace University, Room W609, Pace Plaza, New York, NY


Martin Rivlin (Chair), Columbia University – “How Does Zhou Enlai and the Chinese New Left Relate to Maoism?: A Reinterpretation of China’s Current Situation”

Undead Mao – “Queer Maoism”

Karl Riukas, New School University  – “Primitive Accumulation and Popular Resistance in Central India”

Freddy Bastone – “Maoism in the US: A History of Radical Class Analysis and Subversive Communism”

We will explore the role of contemporary Maoism in radical politics through a comparative discussion of movements, theory, praxis and how such practices can promote (or hinder) socioeconomic, cultural and political change. We will draw from cases in China, India, the US and perhaps elsewhere in an attempt to trace what role Maoism can play in in the lives of the world’s marginalized peoples and how such people may better their lives through popular, sometimes, radical action. What is Maoism today and for whom can it speak? Does it only serve primarily partisan/factional interests, encouraging the poor and dispossessed to rebel, only to suppress these rebellions when they “get out of hand?” And is it therefore of little use in the 21st century conjuncture (as is often alleged)? Or is there more that Maoism can offer in the era of neoliberal globalization and popular resistance? If so, what might this look like? We hope this leads to a constructive discussion of these and other issues.

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