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Mass Work and Proletarian Revolutionaries

Unite Under Maoism!

This document from the Canadian Maoist organization Revolutionare Initiative (RI) is itself an an excellent guide and document for Communists to study in how to carry out mass work in a revolutionary manner. The document makes the correct observation that the people experience an uneven level of class consciousness, that is to say the ideas of the masses are scattered, a person who recognizes that war in a capitalist nation is imperialist and that the police are an oppressive force might also carry backwards views on LGBTQ people or use sexist language from time to time. By taking the revolutionary ideas from the masses and present them in a coherent revolutionary line we demonstrate correct leadership. Theoretical works like these demonstrate Marxism-Leninism-Maoism’s theoretical strengths in opposition to dognato-revisionism from many Leninist parties who merely quote Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin as protestant missionaries quote the Bible.

Revolutionary Initiative

by Comrade Amil K.


The question of what are the tasks of proletarian revolutionaries amongst the masses remains a major point of difference1 between and an obstacle to the unification of the two revolutionary communist organizations in Canada, the Revolutionary Communist Party and our own organization, Revolutionary Initiative. This article is intended to explain the answer to this question not only to advance the unity-struggle-transformation process between Canada’s two revolutionary communist organizations, but also as a general discussion that all revolutionaries should be having.

How RI understands mass work of proletarian revolutionaries can be broken down into three questions:

First, what is the correct form of revolutionary leadership by proletarian revolutionaries among the masses? Based on the revolutionary theory of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, we uphold the mass line method of leadership; but we do not take it for granted that upholding the mass line theory leads to its implementation in…

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