Revolutionary Heroism

Facebook Logic: Rape pictures – not hate, heroes of the Turkish people – hate

A Facebook friend posted this:

“PASS INFO AROUND: I have received an automated 3-day ban from Facebook (except for Facebook chat) for putting up a picture of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, the Turkish communist martyr, as my profile picture. Facebook informed me that it was an image associated with a ‘hate group,’ which is utter nonsense. Dunno what else to say, but this is pretty fucking suspicious coming on the tails of the events unfolding in Taksim & Gezi Square.”

This is the picture:

Ibrahim Kaypakkaya

Ibrahim Kaypakkaya

Needless today, Facebook seems to continue with their terribly arbitrary and repressive censorship measures, in spite of recent claims to the contrary. Thousands of woman-hating, queer-hating, non-white hating, fascist material flows freely, naked, rapey pictures flow with no problems, but breast feeding pictures and artistic representations of long dead communists are met with swift censorship. Yes, Facebook is a private enterprise – but that is precisely the point. Such a powerful and wide-spread communication tool shouldn’t be in private hands. It should be the social property of all humanity and it should be serving the people, not hiding its heroes and its beauty while peddling rape and real hate.

Link to our repost of the Facebook post:


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