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Three Points on Dialectics

Interesting post from the Red Banner MLM blog – in particular, the observation of dialectics as historically accessible from non-European cultures and societies is a point not often made – and which contradicts definitively both the views that hold dialectics as “Eurocentric” and the Eurocentric views that speak of dialectics as uniquely European. Glad to see the emergence of more Maoist blogs willing to tackle this in North America.

Red Banner(M-L-M)

Dialectics must be approached as a difficult and yet both simple subject in covering. As Engels said in the Dialectics of Nature it is process that “any child can understand”,  but because of the dominant forces existence in today it is not something that people can grasp in dealing with the difficult nature of Marxist tomes. In a conversation with one of the writers of Maosoleum he described dialectics as a “lifelong struggle” that  “even Engels sometimes got it wrong, Marx less so. Dietzgen is the gold standard”. With this in mind what is dialectics and what makes it so hard?

The idea of dialectics spans at least 3,000 years to Taoism in China. But it is not limited to just China. The Ancient Greeks, Aztecs, Lakota and the Dogon people all had an understanding of dialectics as well. This form of philosophy became discarded for the most part…

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