The Mass Line

Reflections: The DREAMers and the Rights for the Undocumented

Immigrant rights march for amnesty in downtown...

The growing militancy of the Undocumented in their demand for dignity as human beings is growing. To the chagrin of the liberal NGOs who attempt to defang them and make them serve merely as Democratic Party organizers. At the forefront of this battle have been the young people or so-called DREAMers who have utilized a creativity in tactics from sit-ins, demonstrations and grassroots organizing that have kept this issue at the forefront. As Communists and Marxist-Leninist-Maoists we should integrate with the people here in their struggles and engage in line struggle and expose those who slyly wish to co-op this movement to turn our young DREAMers into Non-government organization(NGOs) lapdogs and foot soldiers for American imperialism. We face a few problems in this task:

1) The problem of NGOs

Through NGOs and orchestrated “townhalls” the Democratic Party seeks to utilize the DREAM Act and the SB 744 Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 making it’s way into Congress now as a linchpin to securing the Latino vote for future elections. I partnered with Communities Creating Opportunities (CCO) here to organize May 1st, the vast majority of the actions for the month of May here consisted of prayer vigils and making calls to people encouraging them to call their Senators. CCO has pushed forward SB 744 as one where everything was “on the line”. It should be no surprise but in the city I am in, this NGO is entirely led by people who are not representative of the undocumented community, but rather American citizens(white, black and Latino) for the most part. The undocumented students I participate with, who are thoroughly grassroots based, and arguably more creative and militant than passive and stagnant have been pushed aside as a mere support role for the Great White Vanguard.

2) The DREAM Act is a pro-militarist bill

We must take into account the facts of the DREAM Act. The original bill consisted of a pathway to legalization through education as well as through community service but has since been co-opted by the Defense Department and Pentagon to include a military component. The imperialist government is not stupid. It KNOWS that the highest dropout rates in America are amongst the Latino Community and within this community the highest are amongst Mexicans. The vast majority of undocumented students will not be able to attend college(or even afford it like many Americans) with the Higher Education clause denied to them it only leaves them a choice of military “service”. There is a myth of a “choice” that people have when it comes to the DREAM Act, that they can either “choose” to go to school or “serve”. But when coupled with the fact that nearly 30% of Mexican teens from the ages of 15 to 17 are not enrolled in school what real choice is there?

3) We are NOT all immigrants

The vast majority of the undocumented come from Mexico and Central America. The acceptance of the mantra of “We are all immigrants” is accepting the legitimacy of the settler-colonial Amerikan state. There have been Mexican families in this country hundreds of years before its founding. By accepting this lie, we also accept the despicable paternalistic babel from liberals which insult our mothers and fathers and tell us that “we didn’t choose to break the law by coming into this country illegally” or that we need to get “in back of the line”. We as a people have been here for tens of thousands of years how in the world are we immigrants?

4) Capitalism is the real problem

Since NAFTA was signed into law, the population of the undocumented has grown from nearly 4 million in 1993 to 11 million today, which marks a 300% increase. This “free trade” has been solely beneficial to American imperialism, which flooded Mexican markets with subsidized corn and displaced millions of farmers. Between 1994 and 2001 this cheap American corn caused the price of the crop to fall 70%. Poor farmers who grew their own corn could no longer compete against the American crop and the ripple effect took its toll on the entire Mexican economy leading to the devaluation of the Peso and rise in inflation. This is something which is missing in our discussion, even if we pass a nice comprehensive immigration reform bill today, ten years from now we will have the same problem. The dependency of Mexico on the United States is one of a colonial nature. Mexico as a nation has vast petroleum reserves but is completely dependent on the United States to refine it into fuel. Since the costs of imports is massive it takes a toll on the Mexican economy, where money is diverted from social services and improvement of the social infrastructure to meet energy needs.

While I feel there is much more than can be explained and that could be expanded more, these are real problems that we face in this movement. The forces of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is growing in the United States, as is the militancy of the undocumented youth in this nation. It is thanks to the undocumented that we have a resurgence in the May 1st celebrations. We must integrate ourselves with their struggles, apply the massline and convince them of pushing the envelope. They will undoubtedly play an important role in a revolutionary movement and must not be left to be picked up by the forces of reaction.


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