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Maosoleum and Red Banner (M-L-M) merge!

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The Red Banner MLM blog has made a decision to merge with Maosoleum, which means Maosoleum is now a collective effort.

With this move, we hope to centralize our efforts. While this means that there might be debate within Maosoleum, rather than a mostly even editorial line, this goes in line with the principles of hetereodoxy we established since the beginning.

While Red Banner MLM will still be available as an archive, all of the posts and comments from there have been moved into Maosoleum, and are now part of the Maosoleum archives. There might be some technical glitches in this process, so please bear with us while we fix those.

We hope this consolidation of efforts will lead both to an increase in the frequency of material and to an enrichment of the line questions addressed in the blog. We also hope it allows Maosoleum to emerge as a voice for USA based MLMs who are serious about engaging MLM politics on the internet, and addressing the questions of theory and practice as they emerge. The time has come for a vigorous and engaged MLM collectivity that sees the internet as a trench of combat – but also to those who falsely claim an adherence to MLM principles while upholding liberal practice and individualist idiosyncratic politics to meet a concerted challenge to the damage they do to MLM.

Thank you for reading us – and as always let us know if there is something you want to see addressed – and if you want to join us as a contributor!

Oppose Blog Worship!

Continue the struggle in the shinning trench of combat of the internets!

Arise ye wretched from your mothers basements!


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