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Philippines: Bagong Alyansang Makabayan, On the detention of Dutch activist Thomas van Beersum

Free Thomas Van Beersum!

Free Thomas Van Beersum Now!


We strongly denounce the detention of Dutch activist Thomas van Beersum by the Bureau of Immigration. Thomas was prevented from boarding his flight this morning and is being held by Immigration officials at the NAIA. Thomas was already leaving the Philippines and we see no reason to detain him. This is plain harassment in light of the many threats issued by the BI against Thomas during the past two weeks. It is ridiculous that a person already set to leave the country will be detained only to be eventually deported. However, this is not the first time this has happened as other foreign activists have also been held before by Immigration officials only to be deported and then blacklisted.

Immigration officials have also told media that van Beersum is “overstaying” in the Philippines. If true, then he should just have been made to pay the corresponding fine instead of being detained. The whole thing is just political harassment and is meant to send a message to other foreign activists showing solidarity with the Philippines.

Full article: On the detention of Dutch activist Thomas van Beersum

This shows to the world the repressive conditions in the Philippines in their true light: what freedom of speech is taken for granted in the Netherlands is denied in the Philippines. The convenient appeals to nationalism on the part of the Government and State in the Philippines would make sense if they were consistent – but “foreigners” who go to the Philippines for the sex trade (that is rape for money), or who go there as part of mercenary imperialist armies, or who go there to exploit illegally the environment and natural resources of the Philippines, do not meet the same fate. Against the false nationalism of the Comprador slaves of imperialism, Thomas van Beersum stands as an example of proletarian internationalism – more Filipino than the politicians, cops, judges, and enemies of the people who serve imperialism in the Philippines will ever be.


4 thoughts on “Philippines: Bagong Alyansang Makabayan, On the detention of Dutch activist Thomas van Beersum

  1. He posted this message on Facebook:

    “Am now in Hong Kong waiting for my flight back to Amsterdam. I was not allowed to board my plane and to go back to my country yesterday morning. I got detained for about 30 hours at the airport just so the immigration officials could deport me. This harassment is obviously done to distract the people from the actual problems that the country faces, such as the almost total domination of its economy by foreign capitalists and the complicity of comprador puppets such as Aquino. And let’s not forget the human rights abuses under Aquino’s administration either. So far there have been 142 documented cases of extrajudicial killing and 164 frustrated killing; 16 incidents of enforced disappearance; 76 cases of torture and 293 cases of illegal arrest and detention.

    I want to thank the people and groups that have been supporting me and although I’ve been blacklisted, I will still firmly support the just struggle of the Filipino people for social and national liberation. Mabuhay!”

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