Revolutionary Heroism

Anti-Petraeus protesters: Heroes of the people!

The arrest during a police riot of members of the Ad-Hoc Committee Against the Militarization of CUNY and their subsequent indictment comes as no surprise – much less to themselves. It is what the repressive capitalist regimes everywhere do: try to destroy the voices of the people with violence and repression, while claiming that there is a right for free speech – when this right is only extended to those ideas and actions which the regime determines are acceptable. They are illusions and will remain illusions as long as those in power represent the exploiters and the oppressors.  As we said earlier, confronting war criminals with protests is not only right, but vital to develop the forces of struggle for freedom.

Fighting imperialism in the belly of the beast is not only possible, but necessary. These young people show to all of us that that no matter the repression, no matter the lies, no matter the police state, dignity and humanity shall overcome.  One wonders why the same forces so keen on supporting “revolutions” elsewhere, are silent and inactive about doing it at home. We need to emulate and publicize their example – in a time when the imperialist war drums beat loud, it is up for those who believe in a better world to stand up and confront the enemies of the people.  It is incredible that almost the entire leftist and far left press is silent about this, while the far-right and reactionary media gives all the attention in the world.

These young people are heroes of the people – their example a shinning one, their sacrifice worthy of emulation and admiration – not of silence and reproach.


Here is the video of how vigorous protest turned into a police riot:

Some pictures of our heroes in court, examples of dignity and courage:



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