Political Work

All Power to the General Assemblies! – Revolutionary Communist Party

In North America, students continue to show their leading role in promoting and advancing revolutionary ideas among the people – and infusing proletarian demands and struggles even in the institutions meant to depoliticize the people:

The University of Ottawa Marxist Students’ Association recently re-launched its campaign to bring about General Assemblies as the highest decision making body for their local student union. The reform, which is set to be achieved by referendum, is hoped to be both a historical moment for Ontario universities as well as the beginning of a new culture of democracy and participation for the student body of the University of Ottawa.

The current decision making model employed by the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa follows a tradition representational model found in most modern liberal institutions. As a result of this, most of the student body has proven to be alienated from all form of governance. The long-standing political elite in power has been able to keep itself there for years while relying on the absurdly low 10% voter turnout to maintain its legitimacy. These liberal and bureaucratic practices unfortunately plague most student unions in Canada and have slowed the nation wide student movement to a painful crawl.

Full text here:
All Power to the General Assemblies! – Revolutionary Communist Party


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