Long Live the Morales Shakur Center! Defy CUNY Militarization!

Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee

Late Saturday night (October 19th), CUNY public safety raided and seized the Morales-Shakur Center, on orders from CUNY Central. The next day, community members who found out were able to alert students who rushed to City College to defend their center. Upon arrival, they watched as David Suker (City College alumni and veteran of both the army and CUNY student struggles) was taken to a hospital, handcuffed to a stretcher after CUNY public safety officers threatened him with cruel and unusual punishments including torture. His only crime was refusal to leave the beloved Morales-Shakur Center, which by then had already been raided.

For the next couple of hours, students and community members poured out to City College. Some had arrived to see what was going on with the Center, and others to study for upcoming midterms. All were greeted with a militarized lockdown of the campus. Students on the inside…

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