New Communist Party (Liaison Committee), Repost

Congratulations to the NPA

New Communist Party - Liaison Committee

The Liaison Committee for a New Communist Party congratulates the New People’s Army (NPA) in its 45th anniversary.

Since its founding, the NPA has grown from a few rifles to the leading armed forces of the people’s of the Philippines – the stalwart defender of the people, but also its most important weapon in the conquest of political power, which grows out of the barrel of the gun.

The NPA’s capacity and tenacity in the face of comprador and imperialist attack are a shining example to all of us worldwide who want to struggle for socialism on the path to communism. It has shown the world that when the people people have nothing, they can have everything, if they dare to struggle and dare to win!

In the moments when the Aquino government intensifies its repression of the National Democratic movement, and the Armed Forces of the Philippines hallucinates about…

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