On The Recent Disasters In Serbia

The following is an article written by one of our comrades in Serbia, for Maosoleum, describing the devastating effects that heavy rains and floods are having right now. Entire cities face the threat of being drowned, and the lives of many Serbian people are in danger. Our Serbian comrade informs us that the imperialist state of Russia has pledged “help”, to demonstrate its strength in the Balkans Peninsula, as well as other imperialist powers have pledged help. 



States of emergency have been declared in parts of Bosnia and Serbia after the heaviest rain and worst floods since records began 120 years ago. Overflowing rivers have burst into towns and villages, cutting off whole communities, while landslides have buried houses.

The entire urban area of Obrenovac, was flooded and the entire city needs to be evacuated. The media reported that there are „casualties“ .Šabac, a city in Western Serbia is also in a horrible situation, if the anti-flood defenses fail, the entire city must be evacuated in order to evade a devastating death-toll.

Aleksandar Vučić, the neoliberal premier of Serbia, said that  in Šabac, “war-measures are going to be have to used.”

Most of the people from the  flooded areas are evacuated to Belgrade, the capital city. The people in the flooded areas have no water, electricity and basic human needs. Many are trapped in their flats and houses. The exact number of those who died is unknown, but there are indications that there are significant casualties.

The Nikola Tesla Thermal plant in Obrenovac is also in danger, if the water rises some 30 cm, a bigger part of Serbia could be left without electrical energy, including Belgrade.  In the Thermal plant, the same work shift has been working for 26-27 hours, without receiving adequate supplies.

More than 7000 people are evacuated so far.


copyright: Radio-Televizija Srbije

The situation is also desperate in Krupanj, a small town in Western Serbia completely cut off from the rest of the country.

The imperialist  Russian state sent “help” for the areas which are flooded, in other words airplanes  and manpower, as a way to show that it supports the current anti-peoples government in Serbia, and that it’s presence on the Balkan peninsula is still strong.  Various Western imperialist governments responded in a similar way – promising “help”.

The peoples of Serbia and Bosnia are among the poorest in Europe, being traumatized by a series of conflicts and bourgeois wars that left behind hundreds of thousands of displaced, wounded and killed. These floods are another wound on the people  which are struggling under the capitalist system, being tortured by poverty, unbelievably high unemployment rates, and the exploitation by imperialistic states which hold both Serbia and Bosnia as neo-colonies.

And what are the bourgeois politicians of Serbia doing? They are mainly using this as a self-promotion, in order to present themselves as heroes, while the masses are suffering.
The effects of these devastating floods will be tremendously hard on the people of Bosnia and Serbia, leaving many without their homes and basic human needs.


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