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Report from New York City Demonstration to support Dr. Saibaba and the Indian People


Under pouring rain, more than two dozen people from different political, student, and social organizations congregated on May 23, 2014 in front of the Indian Consulate in New York City to demonstrate their support for Dr. G.N. Saibaba, all political prisoners, and with the Indian people in their struggle against imperialism and fascism.


The endorsers at the time of the demonstration, called by the Liaison Committee for a New Communist Party-NCP(LC) and maosoleum, included:



Speeches to the assembled crowd from many of these organizations raised points of information and calls for political and social action.


Comrade Tafadar, international liaison for the NCP(LC) and M.C. for the demonstration, spoke about the fascist, semifeudal nature of the Indian State and society, about the decades long struggle for freedom and socialism in India, including the long history of the Naxalites and the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist).  This struggle against semifeudalism, for the liberation from patriarchy, for the establishment of a socialist society on the road to communism is part of what the Indian ruling class fears. While Dr. Saibaba has no connection with the PLGA and the CPI(Maoist), it is clear he is being prosecuted for his ideas which are indeed in agreement for the reasons why these struggles happen. The Revolutionary Democratic Front of India represents the most active layer of the popular masses who for many reasons pursue the avenues of legal democratic struggle, and yet are prosecuted as if they themselves were guerrillas, showing how false and weak the claim of democracy on the part of the Indian State is.

20140523_173436Comrade Bernadette from BAYAN-USA North East, connected the struggle of the Indian people to that of the Philippines and the world over, against capitalism, imperialism,  and fascism and for New Democracy, national liberation, and women’s rights. Her spirited message of revolutionary energy, in the middle of a world-wide offensive against the revolutionary forces representing the peoples of the world, moved the crowd to applause and support for a militant struggle against imperialism – no matter where in the world.

20140523_172826Comrade Ben from OFS spoke about the solidarity with the stuggle against fascism, patriarchy, and the plight of the Adavasi in India, calling for the support of the struggle of the Naxalites for a free society.

20140523_173700Comrade Joe, from the National Lawyers Guild (NLG), spoke to the crowd about the need to develop solidarity against the repression of political activists, and entered the Consulate and presented them with the NLG demand for the freedom of Dr. G.N. Saibaba and all political prisoners in India, which was received by the consular staff.

20140523_173856Comrade Dennis, from FRSO/OSCL, spoke movingly about meeting Dr. Saibaba in Norway half a decade ago – about his humbleness, intellect, and commitment to the freedom of the people of India and the world. He stressed the need to speak clearly and emphatically about the repressive nature of the Indian State, whose claim of being a democratic society is laid bare when an intellectual of the caliber of Dr. Saibaba gets thrown in jail. The comrade also remarked that this arrest happens in the middle of some good news, the unification on this last Mayday of the CPI(ML)Naxalbari into the CPI(Maoist).

20140523_175248Comrade Karl from maosoleum, commented on the historical basis of this struggle – as well as the similarities and differences between the Congress and BJP governments, stressing that neoliberal social programs have not kept Congress and even “left-wing” governments from wiping out hundreds of villages, and displacing hundreds of thousands of people in just one Indian State. The differences between these governments are negligible when it comes to democratic rights of the activists of the ground, and to their position towards the most oppressed sections of Indian society. He stressed the objective justice of the popular demand in India – the need for revolution is palpable and undeniable.

20140523_174211Comrade Emmanuel from the PSL spoke to the need for revolutionary action in the USA, to join the struggles world-wide, against empire and fascism. He compared fascism coming to power in India to fascism coming to power in the Ukraine and elsewhere, a counter-offensive of capitalism and imperialism in crisis. He made an impassioned call to oppose fascism and to fight for socialism for the liberation of humanity.

20140523_174843Comrade Mike from Anakbayan raised the importance of the struggle of the students and intellectuals, about how Dr. Saibaba as a teacher connects with all revolutionary students, whose energy is central to all revolutionary movements. He spoke about international solidarity – about how the struggle against imperialism and capitalism is one the world over.

20140523_174535Comrade Rafael, from RSCC – and one of the CUNY 6 – expressed his soldarity to Dr. Saibaba as a political prisoner and recipient of repression himself. Being violently beaten by police, seeing his education interrupted, and seeing his own community under siege by the racist Police Department drives home the unity of these struggles. Anti-imperialism is not just a principle, but a necessity, and the oppressed nationalities and working people in the USA need to be organized for revolution – to learn from the example of the Indian people. He stressed the centrality of the history of struggle in the CUNY system to the struggle of the oppressed nationality and working people in NYC, who form the bulk of the student body of the CUNY system. Oppressed nationality and working people need to fight back against police repression and imperialism, because imperialism is also in our doorstep.

All speeches expressed their solidarity with the Indian people and the demand that Dr. Saibaba and all political prisoners be freed.


This demonstration sends a clear signal to the Indian State, at a time as it moves towards naked fascism and intensifies its prosecution of all popular and democratic revolutionary forces in India, the world is watching, and that the Indian revolution is not alone in its, and also sends a message as to the ability of the revolutionary forces in the United States to develop a united front in practice to exercise solidarity with those facing repression, in the USA and abroad.

In New York City, where the routine harassment on the part of the Police Department (NYPD) of oppressed nationality and working class communities sets the stage for political cases such as the CUNY 6 and the recent sentencing of Cecily McMillan, stand in testimony of the fear the ruling class has of the people we raise the flag of solidarity. The assembled agreed that they will continue to struggle, in the words of Comrade Mike from Anakbayan, “From the Bronx to the Philippines and from Queens to India“. The palpable commitment of the crowd inspires us all to struggle not only in solidarity with the Indian people, but with the tasks at home, in the belly of the imperialist, capitalist, and colonialist beast.

Free Dr. Saibaba!
Stop Operation Green Hunt!
Long live the struggle of the Indian people!
Lal Salam!



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