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Red Guards Austin – A Year Summation of the Life of a Militant Maoist Organization in the U.S. Central South


We received this summation of the Red Guards Austin collective and are publishing it with their permission. We are in fraternity with these comrades and think this is a contribution worth sharing, however the views expressed here are their own, and do not necessarily represent the views of maosoleum or of the Liaison Committee for a New Communist Party or any of its branches.

Prologue: The Liberalism of the Austin Left

2014 November

The earliest configuration of what was to become Red Guards Austin (RGA) was no more than three comrades who were gradually gravitating towards Maoism at various levels of development. We were still in the process of searching for an outlet for our revolutionary longing in the form of a preexisting “party.” Through careful study and consideration of both local and countrywide leftist groupings, we came to the conclusion that no such organization existed that could constitute a party, let alone one that had firm ideological anti-revisionism, mass work, and the clear participation and leadership of women and people of oppressed nations. We were adrift, leaning on our past experiences as anarchists, animal rights activists, and workers to help us develop into active communists. The first hurdle we faced was due in part to our class backgrounds: none of us had finished high school, let alone received a college education, unlike most of the white middle-class left we had encountered in Austin. We became revolutionary communists out of a dire need for revolution spurred on by our low social status and difficult economic conditions. We were quickly disillusioned by the pomp of local university leftist organizations and had experienced nothing but alienation from them in the past. Continue reading

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Pack the Court Rooms! Defend RSCC Comrades Against Police Repression!

Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee

10448404_783147905054284_7209045917051066408_o More than 100 protesters were arrested in tonight’s crackdown, including three RSCC comrades. [Not the actual picture] Three RSCC comrades were specifically targeted and brutally arrested last night, Wednesday, April 29, as they took the streets once again to protest the outright genocide being committed against Black people at the hands of the police all over the country.

Like in Baltimore, the people in NYC congregated and decided to take the streets to condemn state violence they experience in their communities. But this time, the pigs decided to crack down on protestors proving once again the very nature of the white supremacist state under which we all live. All over the city, over 100 protesters were arrested.

The state is scared of the way the movement against police killings of our people has revealed that their true purpose is to maintain the peace for the ruling class…

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All Out for International Working Women’ Day! Smash Capitalism, Imperialism, and Hetero-patriarchy!

Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee

Comrade Denise in IWWD Comrade Denise in IWWD

This Sunday, March 8, join us for the 101st commemoration of the International Working Women’s Day. International Working Womens Day was created in the early 20th century by revolutionaries (revolutionary women in particular) such as Clara Zetkin, Aleksandra Kollontai, and Vladimir Lenin. The day was set to mark the fact that a revolution against capitalism and imperialism is incomplete if it does not address half of the population, women, who are exploited under capitalism and imperialism, national oppression, and have to suffer patriarchal oppression at home, in the street, and their work place.

Despite the explicitly anti-capitalist sentiment of International Working Women’s Day, liberal feminists still use the rhetoric of women’s equality and deprive it of class consciousness. In this type of feminism, it is conceived that laws addressing equality for men and women are adequate to ending women’s struggle as women can take…

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Demand Medical Care for Kevin “Rashid” Johnson! (rashidmod.com)

Demand Medical Care for Kevin “Rashid” Johnson!

Emergency appeal from the comrades in the NABPP-PC:

Kevin Rashid Johnson experienced a frightening medical crisis beginning on May 14th, we just got word of it a few days ago. He had crippling pain behind his left eye, blurred vision, and very high blood pressure.  This case of severe hypertension if untreated could cause life threatening medical episodes.

Today Rashid told us:  “Medical neglect is a serious problem here.  I personally have witnessed two inmates die from neglect.  On the night of May 14th, Nurses Doak and Armstrong referred me to see a doctor on May 15th.  I have never seen a doctor.”

During this health emergency Rashid was denied a scheduled legal visit. On May 19th  Noelle Hanrahan P.I. and mitigation specialist Cynthia Skow were scheduled to fly to Texas and their visit was prevented by the Clements Unit and the ignominiously named Texas Office of Access to Counsel. Rashid’s legal team will reschedule this trip ASAP, and is fighting this illegal and inappropriate action by the TDCJ.

The State of Virginia (he is being held in Texas on an intrastate compact transfer) has tried tactic after tactic to isolate and prevent Rashid from communicating. They transferred Rashid out of state in 2012. He has had only two phone calls while in Texas for the past year, and four visits in the 2yrs since his transfer from Virginia. In Texas he can only purchase 40 stamps per month, if he is broke, he gets ten stamps as an indigent prisoner.

Turn the white hot spotlight on the Clements Solitary Confinement punishment Unit at the TDC

Full text here: Demand Medical Care for Kevin “Rashid” Johnson!.

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Report from New York City Demonstration to support Dr. Saibaba and the Indian People


Under pouring rain, more than two dozen people from different political, student, and social organizations congregated on May 23, 2014 in front of the Indian Consulate in New York City to demonstrate their support for Dr. G.N. Saibaba, all political prisoners, and with the Indian people in their struggle against imperialism and fascism.


The endorsers at the time of the demonstration, called by the Liaison Committee for a New Communist Party-NCP(LC) and maosoleum, included:


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Free Dr. G.N. Saibaba!


G. N. Saibaba in 2010, courtesy of Masslijn.

Dr. G. N. Saibaba in 2010, courtesy of Masslijn.


The police in the Indian state of Maharashtra have abducted university professor and human rights activist Dr. G.N. Saibaba. Dr. Saibaba is a well known leader of the Revolutionary Democratic Front, and an esteemed academic.

In 2010, he was interviewed and explained the nature of his political activism:

What are the activities of the Revolutionary Democratic Front of India?

A. This front, as has been mentioned above, is a federation of revolutionary mass organizations working at grassroots level. While each of the constituent organizations works among the various sections of the people on their issues, to revolutionise them as per the understanding of New Democratic Revolution (NDR), the front focuses on larger political issues pertaining to all these sections at state and country-wide level. The RDF understands that NDR is the stage of democratizing the society by smashing the feudal and imperialist shackles. This also involves raising the consciousness of the people who are kept in backwardness by the semi-feudal, semi-colonial and reactionary social set-up that has emerged out of two hundred years of colonial rule and continuing imperialist plunder. The RDF believes that militant mobilization of basic classes of the people is the only way to democratize the South Asian Subcontinent. RDF also involves in building and participating in the larger United Fronts of different democratic and anti-imperialist forces in the country.

We join the call for his immediate and unconditional release and condemn the actions of the Indian State against the people. Some friends in India have started an online petition to this end, that reads in part:

 The police action against Saibaba is a matter of great criticism from all the human having moral values. By signing this petition we declare our solidarity with the illegal and arbitrary arrests of Dr. G.N. Saibaba and to show our solidarity in support of Dr. Saibaba and make all legal efforts to ensure his safe release.

Please sign and distribute this petition widely. Actions are being organized world wide in support of Dr. Saibaba, so please be on the lookout for them.

Free Dr. G.N. Saibaba! Stop the repression in India!