header-glossuaryThe Maosoleum’s Glossary of Terms

In this page we attempt to provide a glossary of terms (or a Glossuary, as befits a Maosoleum) – mainly an explanation as to why we use certain phrases and formulations over others.

Some of these are little used terms or even made up terms we regularly use, which might need a definition. Others are the definitions utilized in the particular political space we come from, Maoism. Yet others are “translations” from one branch of the various Marxisms to the others. Since we expect to reach out to people in other of the various Marxisms, and even people outside of the various Marxisms, these might need a narrower definition, that used in this blog. Any request for clarification from other articles’ comments, or that we feel are necessary, or from requests we get at our contact form, will be put here.

General terms related to the various Marxisms, please visit the Marxist Internet Archive Encyclopedia of Marxism’s Glossary. It has an alphabetical listing as well as a search engine.

Terms focused more on Maoism and anti-revisionism, visit the Dictionary of Revolutionary Marxism at, which is an alphabetical dictionary of terms.

Some terms there we might use with different meaning, so we might have a definition here eventually. But lets cross those bridges when we get there.


  • Heterodox Maoism – we make no claim to orthodoxy in terms of Maoism, but we are not “post-Maoist” – we believe the central pillars of Maoism to be valid, that the Maoist communist hypotheses is valid, and that the scientific predictions made by Maoism have largely become true.  The failures of Maoism are those of science: they lead to a better understanding of human society and the struggle towards communism. As such, the best term to describe our editorial line is this term.
  • Various Marxisms – we believe that Maoism is the highest form of Marxism in essence, but we recognize the historical and present existence of various Marxisms. Instead of listing them all, we use this phrase.

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