New Communist Party (Liaison Committee)

Preliminary Statement of the NCP(LC) Regarding The Split With The NCP(OC)

This an official statement of the New Communist Party (Liaison Committee). We will publish more statements in the coming days.

On February 17th, our faction resigned its membership in the New Communist Party (Organizing Committee). Our resignations came with the sharpening of the line struggle in the OC to its sharpest point, in an attempt to resolve contradictions which we believe will not allow for the NCP(OC) to become a party. While we share unity on many matters and questions with the NCP(OC), the areas of our demarcation from them are fundamental and warrant a critical summation.
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New Communist Party (Liaison Committee)

A response to the NCP(OC): Gender Whateverism is not Proletarian Feminism


Claudia Jones: The original proletarian feminist in the USA.

Recently, the New Communist Party (Organizing Committee) NCP(OC) released a declaration named Self-Criticism and Summation on Patriarchy, which is apparently part of their previously declared Anti-Patriarchy Rectification Campaign. We republished the  Anti-Patriarchy Rectification Campaign here, as well as the connected On Standards of Feminist Conduct by the Center for Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Studies. We stand in unity in the spirit and words of these last two documents, and consider them to be significant contributions regardless of their shortcomings in theory, a result of the lack of real summation of proletarian feminism at the level of theory (something we will address in unity with the topic of the lack of a Party soon).

As we approach the emergence of a split from the NCP(OC), the New Communist Party (Liaison Committee), we must place this document in that context. The NCP(LC) is a split from the NCP(OC): the rump leadership and membership are the ones publishing this material, not the organization who started the rectification process, and none of the comrades who lead the NCP(LC) were the target of this rectification in any harsh way. They were not expelled, contrary to what the purposeful obscurity of the “Self Criticism and Summation” seems to imply. Continue reading

People's War

What is Protracted People’s War?


October 1, 1949 is the day of founding of the People’s Republic of China. On this day hundreds of millions of Chinese workers and peasants “rose up” to defeat the forces of reaction. The Chinese Revolution stands along with the Russian Revolution, as one of the single most important events to take place in human history. The example of Revolutionary China inspired the Black Panthers as well as our comrades waging People’s War in India, the Philippines, Peru and Nepal. This essay is in service to the memory of the Chinese Revolution. Taken as a whole, it represents the view of the Maosoleum collective.

No one barring the most chauvinistic Euro-Marxist dismisses Leninism and the Soviet Union out of hand for being solely applicable to the “Third World”. For all intents and purposes Russia in 1917 was a part of the “Third World”, with only 20% of the total population being in the industrial working class; 40% of that number working in large factories. The question then is posed why do many of the detractors of Maoism make this claim? Perhaps had Mao been from an “advanced capitalist nation” not only would Maoism been applicable to the First World but the Third World as well! This misunderstanding of Maoism is based on how Maoists make revolution, which is through Protracted People’s War and our view that it is universal. While we will discuss this erroneous view of Maoism one must also see an aspect of racism here as well. The dismissal of Maoism comes down ultimately to a fear that the First World Left has of actually learning something from Oppressed Peoples around the world. Sure our enlightened friends may know of Mao, perhaps even Kaypakkaya or even Gonzalo, but it is doubtful they have heard of Comrades Ganapathi, Azad or Kishenji. Let us discuss then what non-Maoists view then as the “correct” and universal method for making revolution, especially in the imperialist nations. The people’s army is a development of world historic relevance that has been copied even by the enemy, Mao is held in high regards amongst the U.S. military, even more so than Trotsky, who is also read.

On the October Road and the Distinction Between Leninism and Social-Democracy

The supposed “universal” method for revolution in the First World is actually the mechanical re-application of the Soviet method of revolution, namely the revolutionary insurrection;  or the so-called “October Road”. Prior to the 1917 Russian Revolution, and after the conclusion of the Paris Commune, Social-Democracy had emerged as a legalistic and open working class movement that had gained ground in parliaments all across Europe, their greatest success culminated in the creation of the first welfare state by Otto Von Bismark in Germany, who acted in response to pressure put on him by the Socialists. With the possibility of war on the horizon in Europe, the working class movement in Europe was faced with the consequences of decades of legalistic struggle under capitalism that came to a fever pitch at the Zimmerwald Conference in 1915. The Revolutionary faction known as the “Zimmerwald Left”, led by Vladimir Lenin, came out strongly against the opportunism of the time, which had instead of taking the position of opposing inter-imperialist war came out in support of their home countries under the guise of “revolutionary defencism”. Continue reading

People's War

Filipino New People’s Army seizes 14 firearms from Philippine National Police Special Battalion

“The goal of revolutionary war is socialist peace” – Commander Juan Antonio Corretjer, Puerto Rican anti-revisionist revolutionary and poet

The New People’s Army (NPA) in the Philippines continues to show their tactical power in the protracted struggle against imperialism, for national independence of the Philippines and for New Democracy. The bourgeois press, predictably, has alleged this attack was on an unarmed patrol doing routine physical training, but the video clearly shows this was not the case – the Philippine National Police (PNP) Special Battalion unit was fully armed and in full tactical gear – and the casualties sustained by the police unit – 1 killed, 9 wounded – were clearly the result of combat, in which the NPA unit was victorious.

We have addressed before the issue of violence in ongoing People’s Wars, but this video offers a rare insight into how this kind of combat plays out. One can see the professional, organized, and compassionate treatment of the enemy on the part of the guerrillas – which lays bare the propaganda, unfortunately often believed completely by leftists, that these are disorganized attacks by “anarchist” or “militarist” elements or that guerrillas are cruel and vengeful. They are not – they are disciplined soldiers in a People’s Army, following tactical and strategic leadership that is political in nature, and for whom violence and war are a means, not an end.

We do have differences with the Filipino comrades – as Marxist-Leninist-Maoists we consider to have developed Mao Zedong Thought further than they have – but we have the utmost respect for their revolutionary morality and their tactical military capacity – and share completely their ultimate goal of freeing the Filipino people of the yoke of imperialism and capitalism. And contrary to the Gonzaloist view on Total War (something we will address in the future), the NPA is a keen practitioner of one of the most fundamental aspects of the Maoist and Mao Zedong Thought view on war discipline doctrine: Three Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention. Maoist People’s war is not just a war to liberate the people, but it is also a different way to pursue war, down to how the enemy is treated. This is a fundamental ideological aspect and difference between Mao’s conception of People’s war and that of revisionism, foquismo, and other forms of People’s war – as well as being different from how the enemy pursues war themselves. This video highlights this difference.

So against the bourgeois lies and the sectarian opportunism, here is the whole truth, not just half of it.

Congratulations to the comrades on their tactical success – onward to victory!