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Beyoncé: Oppose Revisionism and Opportunism


“You’re right, people do lie, and cheat, and stab you in the back. There will be people who use you, and don’t love you even though they say they do. This is, indeed, how revisionism expresses itself within the party; it is paramount to oppose revisionism so as not to fall into opportunism.” – Beyoncé

Repost, Self-reliance and Arduous Struggle

Communism and Security Culture | M-L-M Mayhem!

Excellent contribution from the M-L-M Mayhem! blog, giving us props to our recent answer to a redditor on the issue of security culture:

Let us begin by asserting the primary problem of security that appears, at first glance, as an irreconcilable contradiction: on the one hand the need to avoid state scrutiny demands secrecy; on the other hand the need to organize demands the lack of secrecy.  Thus, every political organization that seeks to confront state power is faced with a dilemma––we need to bring others into such an organization while simultaneously avoiding repression.  But if we are to avoid repression, the question goes, how are we to openly proclaim our existence to the masses?  The fact of repression seems, at first glance, to necessitate complete clandestinity: once an organization openly declares its desire to pursue counter-hegemony is the moment that this organization could be crushed by the repressive arm of the state that is intrinsically intolerant of anything that threatens its supremacy.

Here it is worth identifying two needs that every potential revolutionary organization should accept as fundamental: a) the need to maintain clandestine structures so as to avoid state repression and build a revolutionary movement; b) the need to make the building of such structures known to the masses. Simultaneously there are two errors, connected to the above needs, that these potential revolutionary organizations might commit: a) the error of being too open with one’s counter-hegemonic structures so that any attempt to organize against the state is known by the state; b) the error of being too closed and secretive in the pursuit of revolution so that the masses capable of making a counter-hegemonic movement revolutionary are unaware of its existence.

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