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Pack the Court Rooms! Defend RSCC Comrades Against Police Repression!

Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee

10448404_783147905054284_7209045917051066408_o More than 100 protesters were arrested in tonight’s crackdown, including three RSCC comrades. [Not the actual picture] Three RSCC comrades were specifically targeted and brutally arrested last night, Wednesday, April 29, as they took the streets once again to protest the outright genocide being committed against Black people at the hands of the police all over the country.

Like in Baltimore, the people in NYC congregated and decided to take the streets to condemn state violence they experience in their communities. But this time, the pigs decided to crack down on protestors proving once again the very nature of the white supremacist state under which we all live. All over the city, over 100 protesters were arrested.

The state is scared of the way the movement against police killings of our people has revealed that their true purpose is to maintain the peace for the ruling class…

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The Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People

What is Proletarian Feminism?

This is the first of a series of notes that will be relatively short, and by no means exhaustive, but are put forth as both a summation and intervention of the theoretical and practical context of gender liberation in general and proletarian feminist struggle in the particular, both within the context of the United States, and the global context – taking on the particularities of gender formation, as well the universal aspects of patriarchy.

Adavasi women with the Indian Maoists.

Adavasi women with the Indian Maoists.

Let us take opportunity in the annual remembrance on the International Working Women’s Day to raise a necessary definition in the ongoing development towards a Proletarian Feminist conception of gender liberation.

First, a necessary comment: while we do not mention trans women as separate subjects, when we say women in this article, we are including trans women as the issues we touch upon are common to all proletarian women, whether trans or cis, and while we recognize that cis women and trans women have differences, for example cis women and reproductive health choices, and trans women’s exclusion from women’s spaces or lack of access to hormones – we understand these differences as within the umbrella of women, as the subjects of oppression by patriarchy. We also recognize that the struggle against patriarchy is not solely a women’s issue, or a sexual or gender issue, and that gender is not a binary, nor is sex free of social and cultural construction. However, we will address this in subsequent notes and a series on Queer Maoism that has been almost two years in the making. Non-men, people who are neither women nor men, but still suffer patriarchal oppression, and thus for the purpose of this discussion are treated the same as women – both cis and trans – however, we want to keep the discussion centered on feminism as an expression of women’s politics whether cis or trans, not genderqueer struggle – which includes besides trans women and non-binary people, men, like trans men, whose experience of patriarchy is different from that of cis or trans women, and which has its own separate history from feminism, even if indeed proletarian feminism is queer struggle. This article has a narrower focus, but we feel these overlaps needed addressing for the sake of clarity and to make clear that we speak firmly for trans and genderqueer inclusion in feminism, and that trans women are women.

Proletarian feminism: more than just proletarian and feminist together

Proletarian feminism is the theoretical and practical development of the struggle against patriarchy from the perspective of the proletariat and revolutionary communist politics. Continue reading

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All Out for International Working Women’ Day! Smash Capitalism, Imperialism, and Hetero-patriarchy!

Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee

Comrade Denise in IWWD Comrade Denise in IWWD

This Sunday, March 8, join us for the 101st commemoration of the International Working Women’s Day. International Working Womens Day was created in the early 20th century by revolutionaries (revolutionary women in particular) such as Clara Zetkin, Aleksandra Kollontai, and Vladimir Lenin. The day was set to mark the fact that a revolution against capitalism and imperialism is incomplete if it does not address half of the population, women, who are exploited under capitalism and imperialism, national oppression, and have to suffer patriarchal oppression at home, in the street, and their work place.

Despite the explicitly anti-capitalist sentiment of International Working Women’s Day, liberal feminists still use the rhetoric of women’s equality and deprive it of class consciousness. In this type of feminism, it is conceived that laws addressing equality for men and women are adequate to ending women’s struggle as women can take…

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Picket to Defend Filipino Peace Consultants!

Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee

Benito and Wilma Tiamzon Benito and Wilma Tiamzon


Where: 556 Fifth Avenue NY, NY 10036

When: March 28th, 5:30pm

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1480235112204996/?context=create&source=49

The Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee is participating in the New York Committee to Defend Filipino Peace Consultants, following the illegal arrest and detainment of Benito and Wilma Tiamzon in the Philippines. The Tiamzons are peace consultants between the New Democratic Front of the Philippines and the government, and both are carriers of letters signed by the government providing them free and safe passage.

We condemn the repression faced by Benito and Wilma Tiamzon by the Aquino regime, as well as the repression of all political prisoners by governments that let people live and die in poverty, that do not provide adequate relief and rehabilitation after natural disasters and sell out their own people to imperialism.

We unite with the New York Committee to Defend Filipino Peace Consultants…

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Political Work


The Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee released their International Working Women’s Day statement.

Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee

                                                                    WOMEN HOLD UP HALF THE SKY

The Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee turned out a contingent of 20 people to the International Women’s Day march this year. The march is one in a series of events we are participating in and hosting, as part of Women’s History Month. Two RSCC members spoke before and after the march, about the experience of proletarian women and the importance of the struggle for women’s liberation.

denise-iwwd RSCC Chairwoman, Denise Ford

“The women’s struggle is a part of the class struggle. We must become more proactive in abolishing the structure we live in, capitalism and the fight against patriarchy” – Denise Ford, RSCC Chairwoman

The Chairwoman of RSCC, Denise Ford discussed the…

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New Communist Party (Liaison Committee)

International Working Women’s Day: RSCC and NCP(LC) Comrades Speak for Proletarian Feminism!

RSCC and NCP(LC) present at the IWWDC rally and march.

During International Working Women’s Day on March 8, 2014, the comrades of the Revolutionary Students Coordinating Committee – RSCC and the New Communist Party (Liaison Committee) – NCP(LC) gave speeches in the different events they participated in, speaking to necessity and reasons for proletarian feminism as the guiding theory on anti-patriarchal struggle, woman and queer liberation, and how the struggle against patriarchy must be a struggle against capitalism and the struggle against capitalism must be a struggle against patriarchy. Continue reading

New Communist Party (Liaison Committee)

Maosoleum is now an organ of the NCP(LC)

102113-CUNY-PROTEST-DM-7.jpg.jpegThe Liaison Committee for the New Communist Party-NCP(LC), formed after a split with the NCP(OC) on the basis of a line struggle between a Gonzaloite deviation and Maoism proper, has been announced.

We now span several cities and are leading mass work in NYC guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism through our student mass organization, the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee (RSCC) and internet mass organization, Maosoleum.

If anybody has any questions they can contact our leadership:

New York City Branch leader: Christian L.

Kansas City Branch leader: Andrés H.

National Liaison: Tafadar S.

National Email: ncpliaison@gmail.com

New Communist Party (Liaison Committee)

Preliminary Statement of the NCP(LC) Regarding The Split With The NCP(OC)

This an official statement of the New Communist Party (Liaison Committee). We will publish more statements in the coming days.

On February 17th, our faction resigned its membership in the New Communist Party (Organizing Committee). Our resignations came with the sharpening of the line struggle in the OC to its sharpest point, in an attempt to resolve contradictions which we believe will not allow for the NCP(OC) to become a party. While we share unity on many matters and questions with the NCP(OC), the areas of our demarcation from them are fundamental and warrant a critical summation.
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Methods of Thinking and Methods of Work

Fall 2013: The People Strike Back

102113-CUNY-PROTEST-DM-7.jpg.jpegComrade Taffy, one of the two Revolutionary Students Coordinating Committee comrades recently summarily suspended from the City College of New York and the City University of New York, wrote an interesting article on the global context of the CUNY protests:

The nature of CUNY is undemocratic, as a reflection of the class structure of NYC being undemocratic and exploitative (as part of the capitalist system that discriminates against oppressed-nationalities). The entire public education apparatus of NYC discriminates structurally against oppressed-nationality people. Secondary schools are highly segregated, since they are funded by property taxes and in proletarian neighborhoods, this means less funding and resources. Oppressed-nationality proletarians are thus concentrated in secondary schools that are highly militarized and push them into either the ranks of a lumpenproletariat as dropouts or unskilled low wage workers. Those that make it to CUNY do not have a fair and democratic public education system awaiting them. CUNY is increasingly being stratified into the two tier system that is serving a specific social function: it is taking the top performing students from underserved oppressed-nationality proletarian communities, funneling them into the community colleges and training them to be a lower to mid-level managerial class that stands opposed to the interests of its own community. By challenging the entire undemocratic nature of CUNY, students are creating the possibility of building a revolutionary movement that challenges the entire oppressive class structure of NYC. Such a revolutionary movement would take up the call for open admissions and the abolishment of tuition.

However, it is important to emphasize that the subjective possibility of building a revolutionary movement is exactly that: a possibility. In order to actualize that possibility, revolutionaries must be prepared to put politics in command, which means an explicit rejection of the narrow-focus approach that overemphasizes a legalistic approach to negotiating for space. To put politics in command means to mobilize the community and student body to challenge the existing power dynamics that oppress black and brown people and exploit the working class in NYC.

Read the full text here:
Fall 2013: The People Strike Back

Repost, Self-reliance and Arduous Struggle

Defend the Guillermo Morales/ Assata Shakur Community Center!


The Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee has released an excellent declaration around the closure of the Morales/Shakur Center:

In New York City, CUNY’s specific role is to produce the lower – to mid-level managerial class. Some examples of careers that fall into this category include teachers, police, nurses, junior accountants, and non-governmental organization (NGO) directors. When CUNY is not producing those kinds of people but militant revolutionaries, they have a problem on their hands—one that they swiftly aim to put out.

This is why—in the last few years—proletarian black and brown student enrollment has dropped drastically. They want to ensure that “dangerous” people like us don’t get “out of line” and break from their system, hence they push out and deny access to people in our communities. They want to integrate us into the very system that is killing our people both here and abroad. While they view our protests and actions as “chaotic” and “disorderly,” we view our initiatives as the new beginnings of a future where our class enemy is overthrown. Ultimately, the CUNY administration stands in our way of making history and progress. 

We call on all students and community members to take a firm stand against the seizure of the Morales/Shakur Community Center and the repression against those who defend it! 

Dare to struggle, dare to win! 

Read full text here:
Defend the Guillermo Morales/ Assata Shakur Community Center!.