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Red Guards Austin – A Year Summation of the Life of a Militant Maoist Organization in the U.S. Central South


We received this summation of the Red Guards Austin collective and are publishing it with their permission. We are in fraternity with these comrades and think this is a contribution worth sharing, however the views expressed here are their own, and do not necessarily represent the views of maosoleum or of the Liaison Committee for a New Communist Party or any of its branches.

Prologue: The Liberalism of the Austin Left

2014 November

The earliest configuration of what was to become Red Guards Austin (RGA) was no more than three comrades who were gradually gravitating towards Maoism at various levels of development. We were still in the process of searching for an outlet for our revolutionary longing in the form of a preexisting “party.” Through careful study and consideration of both local and countrywide leftist groupings, we came to the conclusion that no such organization existed that could constitute a party, let alone one that had firm ideological anti-revisionism, mass work, and the clear participation and leadership of women and people of oppressed nations. We were adrift, leaning on our past experiences as anarchists, animal rights activists, and workers to help us develop into active communists. The first hurdle we faced was due in part to our class backgrounds: none of us had finished high school, let alone received a college education, unlike most of the white middle-class left we had encountered in Austin. We became revolutionary communists out of a dire need for revolution spurred on by our low social status and difficult economic conditions. We were quickly disillusioned by the pomp of local university leftist organizations and had experienced nothing but alienation from them in the past. Continue reading

Repost, The Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People

Unity in Struggle and Struggle in Unity | M-L-M Mayhem!

Interesting contribution from M-L-M Mayhem!


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“Finally, it needs to be said that all of this talk of “left unity” at the centres of capitalism is often used as a smokescreen to obscure the fact that the anti-capitalist organizations represent, unfortunately, a small population that is predominantly embedded amongst the petty-bourgeoisie: students, intellectuals, and privileged sections of the working class.  There are often calls for “unity” that, as aforementioned, are themselves sublimated instances of sectarianism––the desire of one organization to convince all other organizations to work in a space over-determined by its political line.  And these calls for unity are often accompanied by the a priori assumption that the reason the left is weak is because of this lack of unity amongst a relatively small population of activists.  Every demand to “rebuild the left” in the past two decades is based on this misguided assumption.”

Read the whole thing:
Unity in Struggle and Struggle in Unity | M-L-M Mayhem!