Three Rules of Commenting and Eight Points for Attention


The three rules of commenting:

  • Obey the moderator
  • No bigotry, spam, advertising, links without on topic commentary, etc
  • This is not a safe space, but it is a safer space – check your privilege or we will Cheka your privilege

The eight points for attention:

  • Be polite when speaking
  • Be honest when representing the points of others – no strawmaning
  • Try to provide a link to any quotes or materials referenced
  • Admit when you are factually wrong, or when you have done a mistake – we value self-criticism
  • Do not swear needlessly, and keep personal attacks at a minimum
  • Do not use gendered language when commenting, do not assume gender, do respect pronouns when people ask for them – even the weird ones
  • Do not mistreat people who do not share your views
  • Do not attempt trolling, the banhammer is quite effective

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